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How to buy

How to buy CST simulation tools

  • 1. Make a call 010-62054110 Advisory purchase

  • 2, through the official website Ask for a quote申请体验

  • 3, contact the website customer service for purchase consultation

  • 4. Click the Buy Now button to place an order online

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3D electromagnetic simulation tool CST software

CST studio setIt is a complete tool for designing, simulating and optimizing electromagnetic systems and is widely used by leading technology and engineering companies around the world in the fields of microwave, RF in optics, EDA and electronics, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), example dynamics, static field and low frequency。The three pillars of CST products are precision, speed and ease of use。The CST Studio suite provides solutions for a wide range of problems across the electromagnetic spectrum, including touch screens, transformers, wireless charging, RFID, mobile phones, optoelectronics, and more。

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Electromagnetic simulation software CST studio suite

Is the market leader in 3D electromagnetic field (EM) simulation tools, providing EM simulation tools through a global network of sales, technical support and distributors。CST has developed the CST Studio Suite, a high-performance software for electromagnetic field simulation in all frequency bands。It combines excellent technology, a friendly user interface and experienced professional technical support staff to achieve continuous success。CST solutions are used by leaders in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, healthcare and telecommunications。

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