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How to buy

ABAQUS finite element simulation analysis software purchase method

  • 1. Make a call 010-62054110 Advisory purchase

  • 2, through the official website Ask for a quote申请体验

  • 3, contact the website customer service for purchase consultation

  • 4. Click the Buy Now button to place an order online

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ABAQUS finite element simulation analysis software

ABAQUS is very powerful and can analyze complex solid mechanics and structural mechanics systems, dealing with highly nonlinear problems。Types of analysis include static stress displacement analysis, dynamic stress displacement analysis, viscoelastic/viscoplastic response analysis, heat transfer analysis, annealing process analysis, mass diffusion analysis, quasi-static analysis, multi-field coupling analysis, ocean engineering structure analysis, transient temperature/displacement coupling analysis, fatigue analysis, underwater shock analysis, design sensitivity analysis, etc。

Application experience

ABAQUS 'outstanding simulation computing capabilities

ABAQUS softwareBecause it is based on Python to develop a GUI operating environment and provide a full range of apis, through Python or C++ can make it in both Windows and Linux working environment has unlimited expansion ability。Python is known to be a very fast developing high-level scripting language,Not only is it easy to learn and has a large number of open source scientific computing kits,Our customers,Whether it is a small company or a large international company,Python can be used according to the needs of the company from tool development to system-level development to improve the efficiency of engineering simulation calculation,Enhanced user engineering simulation and scientific computing capabilities at near zero cost。The excellent scalability of Abaqus illustrates Dassault's understanding of the importance of productivity to its customers。

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