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Micro Chen 3D (Beijing) Technology Development Co., LTD

Microunie (Beijing) Technology Development Co., LTD. (Microunie) is the supplier of Dassault uedbet Enterprise and Education solutions,With a global certified team of elite uedbet engineers,In CAD/CAID/EDA/CAE/PDM/RP/CAM/Digital Factory/Digital Twins/VR, and other fields have many years of experience,可为您提供uedbet企业版、uedbet教育版、3DEXPERIENCE 云端设计平台、ABAQUS有限元仿真分析软件、三维电磁仿真工具CST软件以及uedbet二次开发插件工具集SolidKits软件等正版软件的销售、试用体验和技术支持,And provide uedbet skills training, uedbet certification exam, uedbet customized training and other uedbet related value-added services。

If you are looking for digital R & D talent training and digital product R & D and manufacturing of two aspects of the overall solution, micro Chen 3D is your trusted partner。We can provide you with digital research and education integrated solutions, including research and education industry solutions, talent training certification, training room deployment and customized secondary development services。Aiming at the integration of "production, learning, research and application", we mainly provide you with overall solutions in three aspects, including high-end digital R & D personnel training, research topics, enterprise 3D R & D production digitization and other fields。

Our technical team has provided hundreds of customers with easy-to-use, effective and feasible intelligent manufacturing talent training platform and customized 3D product development and manufacturing solutions,Our customers are from undergraduate colleges, vocational colleges, scientific research institutions, high-tech, robotics, aerospace, shipbuilding, electric power, automobiles, home appliances, equipment, intelligent production lines and other industries。

The scope of services involves 2D to 3D, 3D design integration, cloud lightweight design platform, enterprise design standardization, design standardization, parametric design, modular design, automation design, electromechanical design integration, design simulation integration, etc.Assist the enterprise to further improve the efficiency of the product design department,Reduces R&D costs and accelerates time to market。