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Sales Representative, Sales Manager (Work location: Beijing)


1. Actively seek customer resources according to the company's product characteristics;

2, according to customer requirements to quickly provide appropriate and accurate solutions;

3. Responsible for tracking customers until signing sales contracts and collecting contract payments;

4. Develop new customers, maintain and expand business with old customers;

5. Complete the annual sales target according to the company's regulations。


1. College degree or above, experience in software sales, IT enterprise or manufacturing enterprise is preferred;

2, CAD/CAM/CAE software sales experience is preferred;

3, good communication and expression skills, hard work, strong ability to work under pressure, with team spirit。

uedbet Technical Support (Work location: Beijing)


1. Responsible for pre-sales product demonstration and after-sales technical training of Dassault uedbet software related products;

2. Responsible for project implementation and project management of Dassault uedbet software related products;

3. Coordinate the relationship with users and solve on-site technical problems;

4. Cooperate with sales and marketing to compile solutions, customer cases, technical hotspots, etc


1, mechanical, electromechanical or related majors preferred;

2, uedbet design work experience, skilled use of 3D CAD software for product design;

3. Have the ability to read and understand English materials;

4, good communication, expression skills, good team spirit。

Telephone sales (Work location: Beijing)


1, the company provides product training, and has technical personnel to cooperate with pre-sales support;

2, no need to go out, just make a phone call, move the mouse, through the company to provide customer resources to communicate with customers, explore potential sales opportunities or telephone sales related products;

3, large customers can be transferred to sales can also follow up;

4. Assist peripheral sales staff to follow orders and negotiate orders without traveling。 


1, standard Mandarin, clear pronunciation, sound with affinity;

2, no experience, the company provides paid training, one week easy to work;

3, strong communication skills, flexible work;

4, call center, telephone sales, software sales experience is preferred;

5, the number of calls is not large, and the company provides sufficient resources, no need to worry about customer resources。

Additional information:

Working hours: daily working 7.Five hours, 9:00 AM --17:30 am

Other statutory holidays, paid annual leave, paid sick leave

You can also enjoy:

1. Industry-competitive salary (interview);

2, quarterly bonus, high commission income, 13 salaries, savings fees, etc.;

3. Five insurances and one fund and commercial insurance benefits;

4. Perfect employee travel guarantee: business trip subsidy;Communications subsidies;

5. Annual health examination;

6, birthday gift, wedding gift;

7. Colorful team activities;

8, perfect system, flat management, very nice leadership;

9, all aspects of diversified staff growth training;

10. Diversified growth training and dual-channel promotion mechanism;

11, simple, harmonious, friendly, progressive office and interpersonal environment。

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