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uedbet CSWA/CSWP Certification exam training

Through professional training and examination certification, you can master the use of one more software, so that course design, graduation design or scientific research work more than one assistant, in the current employment pressure to enhance their job search competitiveness。

uedbet CSWA/CSWP Certification Exam Training Content:图片1.gif

1. Know the rules of the test 

2. Know the types of questions 

3. Understand common techniques

4, simulation question bank explanation

5. Modeling ideas

6. Practice test questions

uedbet Training and Certification Academy has a global certified elite team of engineers, for educational institutions, research institutes and individuals to provideuedbet product application training and certification examination services。The training content includes standard training, advanced training, professional training, special training, consultation and diagnosis, anduedbet Global Professional Certification (CSWP) training等。Through the training of students certification pass rate as high as 98%, so that the majority of users can quickly master the use of software skills, familiar with application design software engaged in product research and development work。

Training time: arranged every month, the specific time please consult customer service

Training method: Students can choose the training method according to their own situation

▷ Online: Tencent conference live

Offline: Dongsheng Science and Technology Park, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing

Charging standard:500 yuan/person (training + exam), 20% discount for groups of more than 5 people