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Skill China 2023 one by one into the electronic information service industry, into Hebei Cangzhou and the fifth national electronic information service industry vocational skills competition

Skills China 2023 - and the fifth National Electronic information Service industry vocational skills Competition will be held in Cangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center,The theme of this event is "Skills become talents, skills serve the country",In addition to the regular vocational skills competition,There are also new technology and skills achievements exhibition and skills power Forum,Through the "competition exhibition" combined with the competition mode,To build a colorful display and exchange platform for skilled talents,We will take concrete actions to promote the integrated development of industries and talents。As one of the co-organizers of this competition, Weichen3D (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. will fully support the training work and normal operation of this competition。During the exhibition and performance at the same time as the event,We will also bring a new digital R & D talent training and digital product development and manufacturing of two aspects of the overall solution debut,These include research and education industry solutions, personnel training certification, training room deployment, uedbet secondary development, etc,同时,You can also learn about the new uedbet 2024 feature updates live,Please come and visit。


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