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How to buy

uedbet How to buy

  • 1. Make a call 010-62054110 Advisory purchase

  • 2, through the official website Ask for a quote申请体验

  • 3, contact the website customer service for purchase consultation

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uedbet Education

SOLIDWOKRS Educational EditionPowerful features in the product portfolio include 3D mechanical design, design verification, simulation, data management and rendering。SOLIDWORK Education is the most widely used 3D design software trusted by more than 80% of the world's top engineering and design schools. With SolidWork Education, you can teach with confidence。

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uedbet Research Edition

If your research involves developing intellectual property, patents, or publishing project results,uedbet Research EditionAn excellent tool for the job。You can use the full range of uedbet products to develop your ideas faster and get support from local resellers and a large community of users, all with special rates, but only for research。With uedbet Research Edition, you can quickly move from initial concepts to advanced analysis and hypothesis validation, and you can use valuable insights to optimize performance in the most cost-effective way。

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uedbet 2023 Genuine Software free trial request

uedbet 2023It is the new version officially launched by Dassault,Is a very professional 3D CAD design software, analysis software and product data management software,Provide you with an intuitive 3D development environment,Computer aided design for manufacturing products of all complexity and uses,Engineering analysis and preparation system,Enables you to maximize the productivity of your design and manufacturing resources,Better products can be created faster and more cost-effectively。

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ABAQUS finite element simulation analysis software

ABAQUS is very powerful and can analyze complex solid mechanics and structural mechanics systems, dealing with highly nonlinear problems。Types of analysis include static stress displacement analysis, dynamic stress displacement analysis, viscoelastic/viscoplastic response analysis, heat transfer analysis, annealing process analysis, mass diffusion analysis, quasi-static analysis, multi-field coupling analysis, ocean engineering structure analysis, transient temperature/displacement coupling analysis, fatigue analysis, underwater shock analysis, design sensitivity analysis, etc。ABAQUS softwareWith its powerful finite element analysis function and CAE function, it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, civil engineering, tunnel and bridge, hydraulic engineering, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, nuclear industry, petrochemical industry, biomedical, military, civil and other fields。

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uedbet plug-ins SolidKits toolsets

利用SolidKits toolsetsYou can experience the collaborative design experience of all aspects of product development and production, including topology optimization design, product design, engineering design, technical exchange, verification simulation, simulation simulation, data management, workshop visualization, CNC machining, 3D printing, virtual reality and other links。

Use SolidKits tools,Enterprises can realize parametric design, automatic design, automatic data interaction and other high-quality design,You can also customize the development integration interface,Such as SAP, Oracle, Kingdee, UF and so on,Overcome the data interaction barriers between 3D product R&D and design platform and enterprise's existing ERP/MES system, enterprise OA/CRM system, enterprise PDM/PLM system and other information management software,Reduce errors, improve efficiency, and reduce product development costs,You can achieve a more complete and efficient unified enterprise information management platform。

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uedbet fully integrated plant design solutions

SolidPlant SoftwareIntegrated in all aspectsuedbet SoftwareIt is a design tool focusing on factory layout, steel structure, stairs, floors, fences, pressure vessels, pipeline design and other design tools。It is a complete integration of factory design and 3D CAD mechanical structure design software uedbet, with a friendly interface and easy to learn and use。SolidPlant Genuine software allows you to experience more efficient 3D design, whether you are using uedbet software for structural design or not, but it is recommended that you choose SolidPlant software for plant layout design。

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