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To provide students with a fuller and richer CAD experience, which can lead to more opportunities for engineering work in the private sector。


Implement uedbet Education Edition software


• Provide CAD system training to lead to job opportunities
• Students are able to run a full design and engineering suite on a laptop
• Provide a deeper CAD and engineering experience
• Incorporate graded certification to improve employment prospects

Brigham Young University uses uedbet Education Edition to help graduates complete land engineering jobs

Brigham Young University in Idaho uses uedbet Education Edition 3D design software for its mechanical engineering courses,This provides students with a deeper experience in a single CAD system,This replaces the experience of skimming through multiple CAD packages,Thus expanding the scope of engineering courses,And provide students with better preparation for employment。BYU-Idaho through uedbet Education Edition software that incorporates the uedbet certification exam Its grading system attracts students to acquire uedbet skills To achieve higher levels and obtain sought-after certifications。

Trial and quotation

A four-year private university in the state of Idaho, Brigham Young University (BYUIdaho) is committed to providing a high quality education for students with diverse interests and abilities。By joining forces with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Brigham Young University (BYUIdaho) aims to create a healthy learning environment that will help prepare students for continuous learning, employment and roles as citizens。With seven colleges and 33 departments, Brigham Young University (BYUIdaho) offers 25 associate's degrees and more than 100 bachelor's degrees, enrolling 31,900 students annually。
The university's Department of Mechanical Engineering has offered several 3D CAD software package courses as part of the mechanical engineering curriculum。However, this approach will provide a superficial experience in multiple CAD packages, rather than the in-depth experience in a single design system that can give students a long-term advantage。
Brigham Young University (BYUIdaho),It is hoped that by combining job market research with guiding students to participate in a more complete engineering experience,Prompted Brigham Young University (BYUIdaho) to use a single 3D CAD system for first-year students in Engineering graphics and second-year students in Mechanical Engineering (ME) Level I design courses。

Engage students deeply in engineering with uedbet education solutions
Brigham Young University (BYUIdaho) enrolls 1,150 mechanical engineering students,And other students interested in CAD technology,So I bought 2,000 uedbet Student Engineering Kit and an unlimited number of uedbet Student Design Kit licenses,To support its freshman and sophomore programs。"The main reason we use uedbet software for the required courses in both of our lower grades is to enable students to delve deeper and become proficient in the software," Miller explained。"After these courses are completed,Students will be able to use the CAD system of their choice freely and flexibly,But the intention is to get deeper into uedbet software,The more they can focus on learning and applying engineering principles in their third and fourth years,Instead of continuing to learn how to use CAD tools,"Miller added,“这样,Students will gain the uedbet skills needed to find employment opportunities,Most of these require extensive uedbet experience。”

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Facilitate online learning and local internships with uedbet education solutions
By using uedbet software for its initial engineering courses, Brigham Young University (BYUIdaho) achieves two additional goals: to extend its mission to its global online student community and to provide students with the skills they need to realize the value of the company during their internship。"We have 40 worldwide," Roach noted,000 students,They are available online or through our preparatory class courses (a low-cost educational opportunity),There are online courses combined with local concentration,Students can earn college credit in this way) registration,And intern jobs are in increasing demand for students with uedbet skills certification。Roach added, "Our deep focus on uedbet software opens up not only internship opportunities for students, but also educational and career opportunities for students worldwide.。”

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Improve the grading bar with uedbet certification
Brigham Young University (BYUIdaho) has also incorporated uedbet certification exams into its grading system, enticing students to acquire uedbet skills to earn higher grades and earn sought-after certifications。In the Engineering Graphics program for first-year students, students who choose not to take the certification exam will receive a grade no higher than C, while students who prepare for and pass the uedbet Certified Assistant Engineer (CSWA) exam will receive a B。Students who prepare for and pass the uedbet Certified Engineer (CSWP) exam will receive an A。

"We initiated this innovative approach to change the dynamic between faculty and students while providing students with industry-recognized certifications," Schellenberg said. "Through this approach, lecturers will act more as advisors than in traditional roles to help students launch their own careers。The implementation of SOLIDWORK software and certification exams is helping us achieve our disciplinary and university goals while helping students build their careers。”