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Waseda University's Humanoid Robotics Institute advances development through uedbet Research Edition software

Waseda University is a leader in the field of artificial robotics research, including its development of the full-scale humanoid robot WABOT-1 in 1973。In 2000, the University established the Humanoid Robotics Research Institute (HRI), which aims to promote research activities that will lead to a new relationship between humans and the machines of the advanced information society。Under the guidance of Professor Atsuo Takanishi, Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University, HRI has accelerated the development of humanoid robots (R&D)。Since 2001, Waseda University's Humanoid Robotics Research Institute (HRI) has relied on uedbet Research design and engineering software to accelerate the pace of robot development。During that time, HRI launched 20 humanoid robots, including the WAREC-1 Disaster robot (pictured), which has 28 degrees of freedom。

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The Humanoid Robotics Research Institute (HRI) of Waseda University, headquartered in Tokyo, has created basic robotics technologies while training many talented engineers and scientists。HRI's research focuses on developing robots that can interact with humans, whether for routine tasks, providing medical care, or for daily companionship。Because these robots work with partners in a human environment, sharing the same workspace and having the same experiences, they need to not only look like humans, but also evoke the same patterns of thought and behavior as humans。

After evaluating multiple leading 3D design systems, HRI selecteduedbet Research EditionSoftware as its standard platform, implemented 60 licenses。HRI chose uedbet Research because of its more user-friendly interface than other 3D software packages and access to a full range of integrated design and simulation tools。

Single platform, multiple robots

Since the implementation of uedbet Research Edition in 2001, HRI has accelerated the pace of robotics development, launching more than 20 humanoid robots using an integrated 3D platform。These robots include Waseda's "Lower limb" series,Bipedal mobile engines for the disabled and the elderly;Waseda "jaw" series,A robot that mechanically simulates human chewing,To understand the concept of dentistry;Waseda "Yamanashi University" series,Simulating a robot that opens and closes the jaw for patients with jaw problems;Waseda "Flute Player" and Waseda "Saxophonist" series,Robots that play fifes and saxophones;Waseda "Dialogue" series,Robots that can mechanically produce Japanese vowels and consonants;As well as Waseda "Eyes" and KOBIAN series (expressive robots),A robot that can express emotions。

With uedbet Research Edition software, HRI improves the efficiency of robot development, thanks to a series of integrated features of uedbet software。It makes the design three to four times more efficient, says Hashimoto. "In 2D, we can only design simple flat structural components。Now, thanks to uedbet software, we can easily design complex robot parts。”

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Lightweight but strong and durable

Using the integrated uedbet Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool, HRI overcomes the main challenge in humanoid robot design, which is to reduce part weight while maintaining stiffness。"uedbet Simulation is critical to the design of footed robots,Because it has to be as light as possible,At the same time to maintain a high stiffness,"Hashimoto stressed,"uedbet design software allows us to quickly calculate center of gravity and torque for robotic parts, information for simulation,And check the interference of the parts in three dimensions。”

"uedbet Flow Simulation [computational fluid dynamics analysis software] is also useful when designing cooling systems for heat sources, such as brakes, motors, and drives," Hashimoto adds。

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Multi-functional integrated mechanical and electrical design
The substantial productivity gains HRI achieves with uedbet Research Edition software also stem from the integrated, multidisciplinary nature of the software, which allows the Institute team to work on mechanical, electrical, and thermal designs in parallel, rather than separately。"uedbet technology is innovative because it can handle both mechanical and electrical design in a single piece of software," Hashimoto explained。"In addition, with uedbet, various analyses can be performed, such as structural FEA and thermal fluid flow analysis," Hashimoto continues, "In order to develop more advanced robots, we must not only do mechanical design, but also electrical design and thermal design at the same time.。We have to fit parts, such as motors, reduction gears, encoders, etc. in a limited space。The FEA analysis must be performed repeatedly to reduce the size and weight of each part while maintaining a high stiffness。 uedbet is very useful in this design process。”

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