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uedbet Education Edition enhances the performance of SAE Formula One racing teams

uedbet Education Edition Implementation Results: ● Improved the team's performance to the highest level in history ● Use simulation tools to verify race car design ● Promote communication among team members ● Enhanced design visualization

Trial and quotation

The University of New Hampshire is one of the nation's top research institutions。With multiple academic departments, interdisciplinary institutions and research centers, UNH stands in the rolling hills and riverbeds of one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, attracting students and faculty from all over the world。The School's Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences houses the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which is equipped with first-class facilities and a strong curriculum focused on practical engineering experiences。

These hands-on experiences include advanced design projects and joining the school's Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Formula One Racing team - also better known as UNH Precision Racing。According to Professor Brad Kinsey, Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, UNH Precision Racing provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real competition design projects。

Prior to 2009, UNH students and members of UNH Precision Racing used competing 3D CAD systems when designing courses and developing racing teams' cars。That year, UNH decided to change the 3D CAD software package to uedbet® Education Edition Software。"Our students found,The old software was extremely difficult to use,因此,We decided to switch to uedbet,Because it's not only easier to use,It also provides students with integrated engineering and design tools,"Kinsey said,"With the old system,We found ourselves teaching CAD,Rather than letting students quickly learn to design tools and use them on various projects,Including racing。”

UNH chose uedbet Education Edition software, 500 licenses purchased because it is easy to use, includes a full suite of Finite element analysis (FEA) simulation tools, and also provides efficient design communication and photorealistic rendering capabilities。

"With the help of uedbet,Students can be liberated from tools to a certain extent,So we can focus more on design and engineering,"Kinsey explained,“UNH Precision Racing includes several sub-teams - framing, suspension, electronics, controls and aerodynamics - and uedbet software will better facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration and communication。Without uedbet, the team would not be able to build cars of this quality。”

Optimal design

With FEA tools from uedbet Education Edition software, UNH Precision Racing not only validates every aspect of a vehicle's design, but also optimizes key components to reduce weight and ensure safety。"Before we start manufacturing,We do a lot of design analysis using uedbet,Drummond Biles, one of UNH's 2013-2014 team leaders and a teaching assistant,"We did a fluid analysis to improve the aerodynamics,Frequency analysis was performed to find resonance and improve intake performance,And the structure analysis is carried out to optimize the lower control arm。”

"uedbet design software is easy to master,"Biles continued,“然后,We integrate high-level modules into our project work,In order to optimize the design as much as possible before entering the machining shop,In the machining shop,We use MasterCAM®, a uedbet plugin, to easily generate code and run CNC machining。”

Brad Kinsey, chair and professor of Mechanical Engineering, said: "With uedbet, students are able to free themselves from tools to a certain extent and focus more on design and engineering。UNH Precision Racing includes several sub-teams - framing, suspension, electronics, controls and aerodynamics - and uedbet software will better facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration and communication。Without uedbet, the team would not be able to build cars of this quality。”

Visualization improves communication and facilitates collaboration

uedbet design visualization and photorealistic rendering tools facilitate communication and collaboration within the fleet and with SAE。For example, UNH Precision Racing must provide mid-year reports to SAE showing progress。"With uedbet 'rendering capabilities, we can provide a realistic rendering of the car's exterior, complemented by all manufacturing documentation," Biles said。

"In the convoy,We rely on uedbet to design visualization, collision detection, animation, and hole misalignment tools,Identify and resolve potential performance issues in the model,After entering production, processing and assembly,It will save us time and lead to better cars,"Biles added,"We import various assemblies into the master model through uedbet,Look at the design thoroughly,And then start processing。With uedbet, we also started using different materials for the body, such as carbon fiber。”

UNH PRECISION RACING's most successful season

By switching to uedbet software, UNH Precision Racing improved its performance。The 2013-2014 SAE Formula One season was the best in UNH Precision Racing history。In a field with many better-funded competitors, UNH Precision Racing finished 26th overall。"Our goal is to learn from the experience of previous teams and make full use of the engineering tools in uedbet, getting better and better each year," Biles emphasized。

"Since switching to uedbet, the number of new students wanting to join the fleet has skyrocketed," Kinsey added. "Our students quickly learn uedbet and then want to put it to practical use。Switching to uedbet definitely helps us achieve our goal of providing students with real engineering experiences。”

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