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The passionate youth track, the collision of cars and dreams, thanks to Shell for providing college students with the field, Dassault uedbet is willing to accompany the youth and dream!

Event profile
The "Shell Car Eco-Marathon" is an educational program for high school and high school students around the world. Since 1985, the Shell Car Eco-Marathon has been held in different cities in the Americas, Europe and Asia。This project aims to encourage students to use creative thinking to design and build energy efficient vehicles and compete in the competition。 The Shell Automotive Environmental Marathon has been held worldwide for 38 years, and 2023 will be the fifth year of the China station。

From October 17 to 19, 2023, the Shell Car Environmental Marathon China station kicked off in Beijing Golden Port Circuit。The slogan of this competition is "Change Maker of Tomorrow".。


Competition system

During the race, the cars will complete a certain number of laps on the track。The event organizers will then calculate their energy efficiency and announce the winners of each fuel class vehicle category。In addition, "off-track awards" will be presented to recognize the team's achievements in other areas, such as vehicle safety, teamwork and design。

Race models and energy options
The Shell Car Eco-Marathon is divided into two categories: prototype cars and urban concept cars。Each group has three energy options: internal combustion engines (gasoline, ethanol, diesel), electric, and hydrogen fuel cells。

Prototype vehicle

The term "Prototype" refers to a future concept vehicle, usually with a smaller body, designed to reduce drag and maximize fuel efficiency。


Urban concept car

The "Urban Conception" is referred to as the UC car。It generally refers to four-wheeled fuel economy vehicles, which are more similar to ordinary vehicles。In addition to meeting specific requirements for height, width, length and weight, the "urban concept car" also needs to consider the impact of special driving conditions such as wet weather on the vehicle。
2023 Shell Car Environmental Marathon China station heat off! Sixteen teams converged on the circuit, challenging them to travel longer distances with less energy!There are also big coffee bloggers and Shell experts to take you to watch the game and talk about future travel。


In the eight months before the competition, the teams were preparing intensively for the competition, and Shell surprised them by launching a series of free online courses, in-depth analysis of cutting-edge technology, and explanation of practical software。

During this period, the application engineers of Altair Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. in Germany combined with practical experience to explain Altair in depth Inspire's applications in the fields of structural mechanics analysis, topological optimization (lightweight) and simulation manufacturing are essential skills for "car building"! Dassault uedbet software design platform is prepared for vehicle design "kill technology" to help the future of action!

Energy-saving vehicle design involves creativity, structure, aerodynamics, topology optimization, environment and other aspects, such a huge systematic project, how to use the existing knowledge in the limited time to consider as much as possible?


Shell Global partner Dassault uedbet Software has always focused on the same mission,To provide every designer with powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use design tools,Product modules are already very rich,From design, simulation, electrical,Data management,To model-based labeling, drawing, process, production and processing,Finally, based on the model of quality inspection, assembly, etc,Fully integrated into a unified design platform,Help you improve the degree of intelligence and work efficiency at the same time,More focus on design innovation。Current uedbet 2024, also added cloud-based expansion applications, including a new generation of design tools as well as powerful simulation capabilities and intelligent manufacturing。New features also integrate emerging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud services。


uedbet China agent Wei Chen 3D company combined with many years of competition technical support and education training experience, to provide a series of training courses, is willing to discuss with the school teachers and students, how to speed up the preparation of the competition through mature design tools, take you across the major competitions, win the championship!

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