3DEXPERIENCE uedbet 2024 Top 10 Enhancements are here!

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拥有 uedbet It's one thing to have a design tool that connects your data to the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform, taking it to a whole new level where you can easily store, manage, and share your data。3DEXPERIENCE uedbet is the "connected" version of uedbet you know and love, which enables you to connect your data to the platform and take advantage of these capabilities。

We know your top priority is design, so throughout the year, we're committed to making your workflow faster and easier, while enabling you to easily share and collaborate on your data。With that in mind, let's take a look at the top 10 features in 3DEXPERIENCE uedbet this year, including what's new in uedbet 2024!

From previous version compatibility and simplified large assembly workflows to new symmetric linear mode options, ECAD-MCAD collaboration in the cloud, and more, learn how to collaborate with users of older versions of uedbet and adopt new assembly workflows to speed up large assembly design and documentation。

1. Version compatibility: Collaborate with other users, even if they are using older versions of uedbet

This is a real game changer。3DEXPERIENCE uedbet users can now save their designs as older versions, up to two years before the new version, so they can continue to work with teammates and partners who may not have the new version。

We realize that not everyone has the means to upgrade at the same time, so this provides a flexible option so you can continue to work on the project without delay。But with all the new features in uedbet 2024, you'll no longer want to wait!

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With previous release compatibility, you can save parts, components, and drawings as a 3DEXPERIENCE uedbet version up to two years before the new version。

2, assembly: save the time of processing and sharing assembly

This year, we are committed to making assembly workflows faster with new, improved and simpler workflows。

For example, you can simplify your design with fewer steps to improve performance and enhance protection of your intellectual property with Defeature profiles。This feature allows you to modify the model using rules based on standards such as custom attributes, quality attributes, and file names。

In addition, you can insert the assembly as a part and apply all features using the existing 3DEXPERIENCE platform data model。

Last but not least, you can also filter out unwanted assemblies when importing STEP files。

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Large assemblies can be simplified faster when applying rules for feature removal to models using the "Defeature contour" option。

3, parts and functions: easy to capture and communicate design intent, less effort

There are several enhancements that can speed up sketching and ensure that your design intent is clear。

For example, you can now use the new symmetric linear pattern option to create a bidirectional linear pattern with a single click。When creating a linear graph, there is now more flexibility to create a bi-directional linear graph。This eliminates the need to define a second direction for a linear pattern, thus speeding up the creation of bi-directional linear patterns。It also guarantees that the two directions are symmetric and that there are the same number of instances in the pattern。

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Use the new symmetric linear pattern option to create a bi-directional linear pattern with a single click。

You can also preview and edit a dimension when you select one or more entities。

When it comes to notes and tables, you can now display units of measure as custom properties。

4. Drawings and details: Create more accurate drawings

Sometimes a few details can make a big difference, especially when it comes to communicating your design more clearly。There are a number of enhancements that can help you do this, including the ability to clean up the suspended dimension by reconnecting it to the appropriate reference point。

In addition, the chain dimensions in the drawings have been improved, so you can ensure that the chain dimensions remain collinear and can easily meet drawing standards such as ISO/ANSI, even if space is limited。

There is also a new option to exclude hidden sketches from DXF plane mode when exporting。

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Create drawings that communicate designs more clearly with standardized chain size layouts, more efficient size reconnections and reduced DXF export post-processing。

5. Share and annotate designs in the cloud: Anyone can collaborate and share designs faster with uedbet

New sharing and tagging capabilities make it easier for you and your partners to collaborate, and they don't even need to own the 3DEXPERIENCE platform or uedbet。The recipient can view and provide comments and tags attached to the design。

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Share your designs seamlessly with anyone inside uedbet, whether they are internal or external organizations with the new sharing and tagging capabilities。

These are five of the ten new features of uedbet 2024, if you want to get all the new features, welcome to pay attention to micro Chen 3D, we will continue to update, you can also contact us to get all the content, thank you for your support。

As the authorized agent of uedbet Dassault, Weichen 3D will continue to provide you with the introduction of new features of uedbet 2024. Welcome to pay attention to Weichen 3D. If you have any questions about uedbet 2024, please contact us for details。


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