Design and simulation integrated solution uedbet software

Design and simulation integrated solution uedbet software

uedbet 3D Product development, Design, simulation, manufacturing and production integrated solutions provide an integrated system that enables design and manufacturing teams to work together in parallel。A single environment provides all the necessary tools to eliminate the time spent on data transformation between different departments, thereby avoiding frequent errors and intelligence gaps。Designers and engineers can spend more time optimizing designs without worrying that changes will threaten delivery goals。As a result, companies can move from concept design to part manufacturing process more quickly and easily than ever before。

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Transform ideas into innovative products with intuitive and powerful design and manufacturing solutions

Dramatically improve the way you develop and manufacture products with comprehensive tools for design, simulation, manufacturing, data management, and collaboration to help you reduce costs and improve quality。

uedbet 3D CAD is the foundation of the entire uedbet solution portfolio, providing engineers, designers, and manufacturers with easy-to-learn, extremely powerful capabilities to design and deliver products。All uedbet solutions support full single-window integration with uedbet 3D CAD。As a result, all uedbet products work seamlessly together using the same design data so that every design change is automatically updated across all applications。

Design, visualize, communicate, validate, cost, manufacture, inspect, document and manage - all in the same environment。

For many years, the company's design and manufacturing departments have been separated by both organizational forms and the tools they each use。Now, with increased competition and the need to speed up production of higher-quality, more predictable products at lower costs, many companies are looking to streamline their workflows from design to manufacturing。
uedbet design-to-manufacture solutions enable designers, engineers, manufacturing teams, and even external suppliers to collaborate in parallel in a seamlessly integrated and managed system.All stages of the design and manufacturing process benefit from these solutions。

At the heart of the solution is a shared 3D CAD model that enables design or manufacturing changes to be effectively managed and automatically transmitted to all relevant drawings, downstream manufacturing systems, and technical documentation affected by the change。

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 3D CAD models at the heart of the design-to-manufacture (DTM) process have the following advantages:
• Automatic transfer of changes:Design changes are automatically passed to downstream functional areas。
• Design for manufacturing without freezing:Even if changes are introduced late in the product development cycle, there is no need to delay the delivery date。
• Parallel design and manufacturing:All departments can start their missions as early as possible。
• Main expressions of control design:3D CAD models are the primary representation of products。
Thousands of companies are using these tools, and many have become market leaders。

Great products start with great design, so uedbet gives you the tools to turn design concepts into parts and assemblies。More than 5.6 million designers, engineers, managers, and manufacturers use uedbet worldwide to help drive smarter, faster, and easier product development。uedbet has the following industry-leading capabilities to help companies innovate:
• Concept design:Tools designed for industrial design and mechanical device design。
• Surface modeling:Advanced tools ensure that you can quickly create any shape。
• Direct editing:Directly manipulate 3D CAD geometry。
• Production-grade 2D drawings:How are communication design products made。
• Large assemblies:It can handle very large designs, even containing hundreds of thousands of parts。
• Reverse engineering:Tools for making and manipulating point cloud and grid data surfaces。
• Special design features:Mold design, sheet metal, weldment, piping and electrical wiring。
• Automation:Configurability of products and drawings, free application programming interfaces (apis), batch processing。
• Generative Design:Automatically develop part shapes according to function and manufacturing requirements。
• CAD library:More than 1 million fasteners, electrical items and symbols can be added to your design。
• Online directory:User-created parts and certified supplier parts are available。
• Import/Export:Production-proven, import/export all major formats in 2D and 3D。
• Direct interoperability:uedbet 3D Interconnect for non-native CAD files。
Design for Manufacturability (DFM) :Check interference, tolerances and drawing standards。

uedbet model.png

uedbet Visualize is uedbet '" camera",Enables users to easily and quickly create professional photo-grade images, animations, and immersive 3D content,It helps companies make better decisions about product design and aesthetics early in the development cycle。Other features include:
• 渲染:Create realistic images, animations, and interactive 360-VR content for Web and mobile applications。
• Ease of use:For ordinary users, even non-technical users。
• Versatility:Can be used with any CAD tool。

Augmented and virtual reality
uedbet Xtended Reality (XR) brings CAD data to life virtually。Simply export your content from uedbet to get rich AR, VR, and Web viewing experiences that:
• Improve collaborative internal and external design reviews。
• Sell your designs more effectively with immersive experiences。
• Instructs users on how to physically assemble and/or interact with the product。

沟通uedbet MBD.png
uedbet MBD (Model-based Definition) enables users to communicate their detailed design intent directly to the fabricator in a 3D CAD model, without creating separate 2D drawings。It helps you define, organize, and publish product Manufacturing information (PMI), including 3D model data using industry-standard file formats。
If a PDF or eDrawings ® file needs to be archived, this file can be automatically created with a 3D model, as with any PDF or eDrawings file created with a 2D drawing, significantly saving design time。
uedbet MBD helps you streamline production, reduce cycle times, reduce errors, and support industry standards with the following features:
• Detailed view of 3D model:Capture, save, and detail views directly in a 3D model。
• Customize 3D output templates for multiple deliverables:Generate drawings and request for quotation (RFQ) for operations, manufacturing, quality inspection and procurement。
• Share and archive 3D data directly:Instead of rebuilding 3D models from drawings for downstream manufacturing applications that require 3D models, you only need to send 3D models with PMI。
• 3D PMI can be read and interpreted by a program:Helps automate CAM programming, automatically create inspection documents, and eliminates errors caused by manual data entry。

3D virtual simulation has become an irreplaceable tool for manufacturing companies in various industries。More than ever, virtual simulation processes enable product and manufacturing engineers to validate their technical decisions with simulation results。This allows all engineers to gain the necessary innovation edge to truly understand the manufacturability of their products。These advanced uedbet capabilities benefit two areas of validation。
• Product verification:With the powerful and intuitive uedbet Simulation solution, product engineers can virtually test new ideas, quickly and efficiently evaluate performance, improve product quality, and reap the benefits of product innovation they need。uedbet Simulation helps product and manufacturing engineers ask and answer important and complex engineering questions throughout the design process。
• Manufacturing verification:Designers and manufacturers can take advantage of the many tools in uedbet to check the manufacturability of designed products。From checking draw, bottom cut, and machinability to simulating injection molding with complex tools, uedbet tools help you design right before you manufacture。

uedbet Costing tools can complete cost estimates for sheet metal, machining, weldparts, castings, plastic parts and 3D printing projects in a matter of seconds。With cost information available, designers and engineers can constantly review their designs against cost targets, and manufacturers can automate the quotation process。Its functions include:
• Estimate manufacturing costs automatically and in real time:Real-time accounting of parts and assembly costs。
• Assembly cost accumulation:Add up the cost of all manufactured and purchased parts in the assembly。
• Customizable manufacturing Settings:Customize cost inputs based on company and regional conditions。
• Generate cost quotes and reports:Output custom quotes and reports in Word and Excel ® formats。

The seamless integration of design and manufacturing applications into a single system is key to the success of uedbet 'design-to-manufacturing solutions。
uedbet CAM, powered by CAMWorks ™, is a fully integrated, rule-based technology that lets users integrate design and manufacturing processes in a single application。Manufacturing engineers can program tool paths directly on uedbet models。Product engineers can evaluate designs early in the process to avoid unexpected costs and delays。If the design model is modified, the tool path is updated accordingly。This allows design and manufacturing teams to connect directly to a common 3D model through a common software tool。
uedbet Print3D smooths the entire workflow from design to 3D printing for prototypes, tools and fixtures, custom products or production parts。Rapid 3D printed prototypes are a key component of product development。Reducing model print preparation time and eliminating build failures means fewer design iterations, resulting in better products。

检查uedbet In.png
uedbet Inspection software automatically creates inspection drawings and checklists with part numbers for first-piece inspection (FAI) and in-process inspections。Manufacturers can speed up this repetitive, tedious manual process, saving a lot of time and eliminating almost all errors。uedbet Inspection utilizes existing 2D and 3D data to help users simplify the creation of inspection documents。

uedbet Composer ™ enables users to directly reuse 3D design and manufacturing models to create technical documents such as part lists and interactive content from shop assembly instructions, customer repair manuals, and customer service user manuals。This feature saves time and costs by ensuring documentation is ready before the product is delivered。
uedbet Composer enables teams to quickly create and update high-quality graphic assets while producing the following types of technical documentation:
• Manufacturing assembly and installation instructions
• User manual, maintenance guide
• Training systems, configurable interactive product demonstrations
• Product web pages, sales bids
• Interactive Material List (BOM) and part list

Today's explosion of electronic data has left companies struggling to find, organize, and control access to this vital information。uedbet Data management solutions provide control over corporate data to enhance collaboration and innovation。When design data is under control, project management and design change management are significantly improved, as is the way teams manage and collaborate in the product development process。

uedbet SELL
Products can now be configured online in just a few clicks。Once the data is archived, your design doesn't need to stop。Your sales team and even your customers can use it online。uedbet Sell opens your design and all possible configurations to the rest of the world, while also protecting your intellectual property (IP).。
Cloud-based: device-independent and mobile
• You can choose from a few users to millions of users
• Create millions of configurations instantly with dynamic BOM
• High resolution rendering created on demand

To quote one uedbet customer, "I can't speak all the languages in the world, but I can use uedbet to communicate with customers and suppliers around the world.。”
uedbet software provides you with a visual 3D development environment that enables you to maximize the productivity of your design and manufacturing resources so you can create better products faster and more cheaply。

Call us at 17310306272 to find out how a complete set of uedbet software can provide you with design, visualization, communication, validation, cost, manufacturing, inspection, documentation, and management tools in one environment。

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