uedbet Education Educational software

uedbet Education Educational software

uedbet Education software for all large and medium-sized colleges, educational institutions, enterprises with educational needs, etc. uedbet Education product portfolio includes 3D mechanical CAD, design verification, simulation, data management and rendering, and other powerful features。uedbet Education is the most widely used 3D design software trusted by more than 80% of the world's leading engineering and design schools。

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uedbet education solutions provide more than just software,It is also a fully integrated design and engineering analysis suite,Supported by local distributors,It can connect to a vast network of global mentors and potential employers,The aim is to increase teaching space and help students achieve successful careers。

The uedbet Education software portfolio includes powerful capabilities for 3D mechanical design, design validation, simulation, data management, and rendering。SOLIDWORK Education is the most widely used 3D design software in the world, trusted by more than 80% of the world's top engineering and design schools. With SolidWork Education, you can teach with confidence。

uedbet Education Edition software -1-300.pnguedbet Education Solutions now offers uedbet 3D Designer For Education, using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to facilitate real-time collaboration and easily manage all students and projects。Use 3D Creator to quickly create, inspect, and evaluate 3D prism models。Use a 3D Sculptor to create organic shapes。All features are entirely in the cloud, and you can use them from anywhere with any device, including your Mac!

The STEAM teaching process is easier than ever
Introduce technology with uedbet Education Solutions' suite of innovative applications for children that solidify the principles of design, manufacturing, art, mechatronics, and robotics through project-based learning (PBL) in one simple interface。

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Help your students build the careers of their dreams

uedbet software is the industry standard for 3D design, making it ideal for a highly portable STEAM career。Students who earn uedbet certification will be better prepared to move on to the next level of learning, find great jobs, and even start their own companies。

Go beyond with MySolidWorksYour students

Teachers can learn from over 600 professional training videos provided by MySolidWorks。Learn the basics, solve difficult design puzzles, and prepare for certification。

Get certified to build your own career

uedbet Education Edition Software -5-200.pnguedbet mentors are highly sought by almost all organizations。By becoming a certified uedbet educator and interacting with the local user community, you can enhance your resume and take your career to a whole new level。

Inspire young creators to turn their wildest dreams into reality

Apps for Kids allows kids to experience the excitement of imagining and designing their own creations。For individual users or the classroom, this free app ecosystem allows kids to learn about design and engineering while having fun in a creative, relaxed and friendly environment。

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