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Products and services

uedbet Education Program total solution

The uedbet Education Program offers a complete portfolio of proven tools, including: engineering, mechanical and fluid simulation, sustainable design, electrical, documentation, and visualization, in one integrated, easy-to-learn package。
For instructors - enhance student learning with tailored courses and tutoring materials
For students - Learn how uedbet speeds up design projects
For researchers - rely on uedbet to accelerate the discovery process and drive higher levels of performance

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uedbet Education Educational software

uedbet Education Edition software for all large and medium-sized colleges, educational institutions, enterprises with educational needs, etc...

Design and simulation integrated solution uedbet software

uedbet 3D product development, design, simulation, processing and production integrated solution provides an integrated system...

uedbet software develops and designs add-on SolidKits toolsets with greater efficiency

SolidKits offers dozens of uedbet software for more efficient development of design tools, including advanced BOM and parameters...

Integrated Electrical System Design uedbet Electrical Solutions

uedbet Electrical helps companies streamline the electrical design process and implement electrical and mechanical design...

uedbet Enterprises PDM product data management software

uedbet Enterprise Product Data Management (EPDM) is a complete set of data management...