Research and development of intelligent manufacturing digital talent training solutions

Digital R & D personnel training training system integrates teaching courseware, scenes, textbooks, software, training, practice, examination and other integrated solutions,Include different processes,Such as product modeling, engineering simulation, three-dimensional warehouse, process island, digital machine tools, AGV, robots and other production line equipment,And CAD, CAM, MES, production line simulation, factory simulation, OPC, PLC and other systems, software and communication protocols,Support each software to run independently at the same time,It can be used in the platform,And realize complete automatic production line simulation, control and other actions。At the same time, the system is equipped with a variety of teaching resource packages and option functions, can provide different project simulation cases according to customer needs, with very high teaching, research and practice value。
The training of digital R&D talents is based on the design simulation platform, combined with the training program of the school and real industrial cases, and customized virtual simulation experiment courses are developed for the school, providing rich and interesting practical training courses with high participation, fitting the real industrial scene for the practical class。

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