uedbet plug-ins SolidKits toolsets

With SolidKits, you can experience collaborative design in all aspects of product development and production, including topology optimization design, product design, engineering design, technical communication, verification simulation, simulation, data management, workshop visualization, CNC machining, 3D printing, virtual reality, etc。

Use SolidKits tools,Enterprises can realize higher design efficiency such as parametric design, automatic design, automatic data interaction, etc,You can also customize the development integration interface,Such as SAP, Oracle, Kingdee, UF and so on,Overcome the data interaction barriers between 3D product R&D and design platform and enterprise's existing ERP/MES system, enterprise OA/CRM system, enterprise PDM/PLM system and other information management software,Reduce errors, improve efficiency, and reduce product development costs,You can achieve a more complete and efficient unified enterprise information management platform。

In the process of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, the construction of information platform provides a strong support for enterprises from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", and the information construction of manufacturing enterprises is also an effective way for enterprises to maintain steady, sustained and rapid development and enhance core competitiveness。In order to achieve the goal of intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing enterprises need to realize various links from intelligent research and development, intelligent products, intelligent equipment, intelligent production line, intelligent workshop, intelligent factory, intelligent logistics, intelligent service to intelligent management, intelligent decision-making。 

But in fact, the communication between product design and research and development in enterprises and enterprise ERP/MES system, enterprise OA/CRM system, enterprise PDM/PLM system and other information management software is usually not smooth。Therefore, before introducing new 3D design software, when considering upgrading the existing product design and development platform or information platform, it is very necessary to evaluate how to integrate with the existing system and what necessary secondary development needs to be done。

Our senior uedbet customized development service team responds to your individual needs in real time and provides strong support for you to build a more perfect and efficient enterprise information platform。We can customize and develop parametric design, automation design and other excellent design tools for you to help you develop integrated interfaces based on various information management systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Kingdee, UF and so on。Help you break through the barriers of data interaction between various platforms, and help enterprises successfully transform and upgrade。